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LIC No. 18259 A.B.N. 18 071 737 070 C.A. 4305

Mobile: 0418 322 491

Meiss Plumbing perform CCTV Drain & Sewer Inspections to blocked drains using a colour drain camera. We are able to replace or repair blocked drain or sewers in all surrounds of Melbourne and Ballarat. Contact us today, we are the experts in locating and repairing blockages in drains and sewers.

Meiss Plumbing:

  • CCTV Drain Camera Inspection.
  • Blocked Drains.
  • Blocked Toilets.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • Drain & Sewer Repairs.

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Blocked Drains

Meiss Plumbing specialise in un-blocking drains.


Meiss Plumbing use CCTV to locate any drain/sewer blockages.

Melbourne & Ballarat Plumbing Services

Meiss Plumbing provide Drains and Sewer repairs in Melbourne & Ballarat.

Blocked Drains & Sewer Repairs

Meiss Plumbing specialise in Blocked Drains & Sewer Repairs

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