CTV Drain & Sewer Inspections

Meiss Plumbing in Ballaraat perform CCTV Drain & Sewer Inspections to blocked drains using a colour drain camera. If you have a blocked drain or serwer in Ballarat then call Meiss Plumbing, we are the experts in locating and reparing blockages in drains and sewers.

Blocked Drains

Meiss Plumbing in Ballarat specialize in un-blocking drains


Meiss Plumbing in Ballarat use CCTV to locate any drain/sewer blockages.

Drain Repairs

We repair drain and sewers in Ballarat.

Ballarat Plumbing Services

Meiss Plumbing in provide Drains and Sewer repairs in Ballarat.

Blocked Drains & Sewer Repairs

Meiss Plumbing in Ballarat specialise in Blocked Drains & Sewer Repairs


We repair drain and sewers in Ballarat.